Saturday, July 09, 2011

1968...A Year Of Turmoil And Ugly Cards

1968 Topps is probably my least favorite set of the '60s. The wood grain borders just don't do it for me. That and they are inconsistent; they look different from card to card. One cannot however complete a run of vintage Topps team sets without also collecting the "inferior" sets. So without further ado, here are three new pickups.

1968 Topps #497 Cardinals Team Card. I have already admitted that team cards don't do it for me, so combine that with an inferior set and you get...a card I actually like. Yes, I actually like the look of this card. Maybe it's because this features the 1967 Championship team.

1968 Topps #378 Bob Gibson A.S. - Of course 1968 was the year that Robert established the modern record with a 1.12 ERA. He lead the league with 13 shutouts. Simply dominant.

1968 Topps #372 Lou Brock AS - In 1968 Brock led the league with 46 doubles, 14 triples, and 62 stolen bases. The ultimate table setter.

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