Friday, April 03, 2009

An Unfortunate Name

Well, with a name like Dickshot (born Dicksus, he changed it why?), you have to be good right? No, not really. I'm not sure why they made a card of this guy, he was less than mediocre. I'm sure he was probably the best player in his town though. His career lasted from 1936-1945, though he doesn't have any stats from 1940-1943. I thought maybe he went to fight in the War but it looks as if he was playing in the minors, trying to latch onto another team. Anyhow, we salute you Johnny Dickshot!

Welcome To My New Baseball Card Blog!

I'm back! My name is Jason and I have a card problem. Here's my story:

I started collecting in the early 80's when Mom would by me a pack here and there for a chore well done. It was casual for a while. Then one day, a neighbor gave me a lunch bag (yeah, that pains me too) of cards and inside was this (sans autograph):

I was done, from there I went into obsession mode. I collected every card I could find. In 1987, I was able to meet the man himself and get this card autographed. Needless to say it was an exciting experience, one I'll never forget. I collected until about 1990 and gave it up while I was in high school. Girls and partying had taken over. But, after getting married and my daughter coming into the world, I got back into the hobby around 1995 or so. I collected heavily for about two years and then for some reason I lost interest again and sold off most of my cards. Fast forward to late 2008. I was looking for a hobby and I thought why not jump back into cards, it's what I know best? So here I am, obsessed once again.