Friday, July 15, 2011

A&G? No, I'll Take 1987 Fleer, Thank You.

So almost everyone is going ape sh*t over 2011 Allen & Ginter. I think it's a nice design and I will collect the Cardinals. I will not however fork over money to buy a pack or a box. Topps inserts way too many non-sport/sports nobody cares about cards in these packs. On top of that, they keep on with the abomination that is "game used". These things have completely run their course and should be put down like an injured horse. I don't want to go postal when my "hit" is a piece of cloth that was on the back of Tim Wakefield, no thank you. I saw yesterday on Collector's Crack that Topps is now using "Travel Day Memorabilia". What the hell? Yes, I want a piece of Prince Fielder's designer shirt. Topps has truly jumped the shark. So in conclusion, I am not giving Topps any of my money for A&G, but I will however buy or trade for Cardinals on the secondary market.

So anyway, I alluded to 1987 Fleer in the title. I was at my LCS yesterday and he just bought a bunch of junk wax from a former dealer. He had quite the variety - '82 Donruss, '84 Topps, '91 Stadium Club and '91 Upper Deck, among others. He had one box of '87 Fleer in the case so I decided to try my luck at...well, I don't know really. Most of the rookies in there aren't worth a whole lot except for Bonds and Bo. Call it nostalgia. I plunked down my $3 and these were the best two cards I got...

Neither are Hall of Famers but both were very good. I remember in my youth that '87 and '88 Fleer were hard to come by here in the Midwest. If you found them in a gas station or grocery store it was like Christmas. In my opinion, this was the best looking set that Fleer put out in the junk era. Like something else better? Leave me a comment and state your case.

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