Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is The Old Chris Carpenter Back?

Is Chris Carpenter "back"? I think everyone will agree that he has not been himself over the first three months of the season. His last two starts have made me think that he may have gotten back into form. From what I saw last night, he was dominant. He had command. His fastball had life. His curve looked like it should. I've heard it said that he fell in love with the cutter and his curve suffered because of it. I can't argue with that. He and Wainwright have two of the best curve balls in the league. I'm not sure why he wasn't throwing it but I'm glad he is now. Over his last 16 innings, he has given up only 12 hits and two earned runs. On top of that, he has only walked two. There is some concern about the number of pitches he is throwing. I come from the school of thought that pitch counts are overrated. I'll trust LaDuncan on this one.

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