Monday, April 04, 2011

Holliday's Appendectomy And Other Various Sundries...

So Matt Holliday is out for a while. I've had an appendectomy before and it's not fun to say the least. It took me a week before I was able to get around normally. Holliday plays a professional sport for a living and is in great shape, but there is no reason for him to push it too far, too fast. No, we don't have a replacement even close to Holliday's talent, but we do have two young guys who can admirably fill the role in his absence. Of course I am speaking of Allen Craig and Jon Jay. Both have talent (I particularly like Jay) and to be honest, I thought at least a one year platoon in right field was a better choice than spending $8 million on Berkman. I like Berkman but he is far past his prime. He can probably be a serviceable first baseman or dreaded DH at this point in his career but I think that we will find out that a right fielder he is not.

OK Skip Schumkaker, the dream is over. I think it's time to get one of the young bucks (Descalso, Greene) playing 2B and end this 2 year experiment with Skip. He just does not look comfortable out there. He's flubbed a couple of plays already. He needs to go back to playing a backup role. I'm not that impressed with Theriot at this point either. Another light hitting, average fielder is not what we needed. I would have taken the light hitting, great fielder we had in Brendan Ryan.

The pitching so far has been good, barring Westbrook's fiasco on Saturday. Westbrook is an average pitcher; we will get those kind of outings here and there. We will just have to live with it. Carpenter looked pretty good in his start and Garcia was lights out. I'm glad he figured out what was wrong in Spring Training. I'm anxious to see Kyle McClellan pitch after the spring he had. I've always thought he should have been a starter, and I even thought they should toss him into the rotation instead of picking up Westbrook. Of course, that was before Wainwright went down.

No need to panic yet. We're only three games into the season.

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