Friday, December 10, 2010

Things I Like About Christmas...And Things I Don't

It's that time of the year again. Time for most people to go further into debt just to impress their friends and loved ones with the gifts they give. Time to eat until you look like Santa himself. Time for the hustling and bustling and decorations. Here is my list of favorite and least favorite things about the holidays.

My favorites...

1. Fire - nothing beats a crackling fire, whether inside or out.
2. Live Christmas trees - I love taking the family out to cut down our tree.
3. Gifts - C'mon, who doesn't like to get gifts?
4. Seasonal Beer - The season has it's own set of beers and they are damn good.
5. Food - Like beer, you only get certain foods at this time of year.
6. My kids - I love watching my kids tear into their gifts
7. Friends/Family - OK, sometimes I get annoyed, but I mostly like them around
8. Extra Days Off - For a whole month it seems like you are off every other day
9. Christmas Bonuses - Depending on where you work of course.
10. Generosity - People are generally more giving this time of year.

My not-so-favorites...

1. Yard Decor - People, your blow up penguins look stupid.
2. Lights - Lights are OK but your house should not look like the surface of the sun
3. Slow People - Jesus Christ get what you need and get the hell out of the way!
4. Traffic - I'm glad I don't carry a gun with me or I'd be in jail.
5. Bell Ringers - OK it's for charity, which is good, but those people annoy me.
6. Snow - God I hate snow.
7. Family - I know, they're on my favorite list too.
8. Client Gifts - You give gifts to people that make your life hell all year long?
9. War On Christmas - Celebrate your way, I'll celebrate mine.
10. Christmas music - There have been maybe five good Christmas songs ever.

There you have it. Anyone want to chime in?


Mr E said...

The commercials. I cannot stand the barrage of commercials that start right after the 4th of July for Christmas.

Gifts don't have to be bought, or expensive...they can be creative, original, and not material as far as I'm concerned.

Thrash said...

I have to agree there. The worst are the jewelry commercials. Buy your wife a diamond or die!