Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ice Storms And Assholes

It's funny when it sleets or freezes rain. No really, it is. I mean, I hate driving in this crap and I worry about my family and friends if they are out driving in it, but some things about it are just funny. People freak the hell out like the end of the world is near. Facebook was on fire last night with tons of reports of how bad the roads were and the fact that school was called off.

These people aren't the assholes that I speak of though. The true characters of an ice and/or snow storm are the owners (not all but most) of 4WD trucks and large SUVs. They live for this shit. They drive like bats out of hell no matter the road conditions. They ride your ass, pass you, and throw slush all over everyone in their wake. But oh the sweet justice when an ice storm comes. On my way in today, every car in the ditch was a 4WD truck. More than likely, these guys thought that they were invincible last night because of what they drive. Ice however, takes no prisoners. It will take you down when you least expect it. I watched several trucks try to to roar past our house last night and take corners to quickly, only to end up sliding sideways down the street. Normally, I would be worried about the driver but if you are going to drive like that then all I'm going to do is point and laugh. Slow down assholes.

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Mr E said...

I think that is everywhere...folks think the truck is an asset where it is probably more of a liability.