Monday, December 20, 2010

Ex-Classmates And You

So, I ran into a classmate from high school at work today. I normally wouldn't go out of my way to engage in conversation but seeing as it is the season of giving and all I decided to initiate contact. One thing I've noticed over the years is that when you see an old friend or classmate, the questions for each other are pretty much always the same. They are:

1. "How's work"? Yeah, work pretty much sucks for everyone but the standard answer is "oh, pretty good" or "well, I'm still working and that's a good thing".
2. "How are the kids"? This shows general interest in your family though they could probably care less. I try not to go overboard talking about the kids for this reason.
3. "Seen anyone from school lately"? Yeah, I've seen so and so recently which is normally followed by a second of awkward silence.
4. "Who did you marry"? My first wife didn't go to school in the area so I could get away with saying her name and stating that she's not from around here. But now I am married to someone who went to the same school I did, so now I have to state her name and then endure more awkward silence as the person is trying to figure out who the hell I am talking about.
5. "Did you hear about so and so"? Usually this question is followed up by a fake look of compassion. Normally, the answer is something horrible - either that person died, is sick, or was arrested with kiddie porn.

Any other questions that you are used to hearing from old classmates?


Mr E said...

It's the same with any group...I run into old Army buddies from years ago still, though we're all hitting retirement age. We haven't seen each other in 1x years, so we go over duty assignments, combat tours, marriages and subsequent divorces, and talk about buddies we've lost or have been messed up badly at {engagement/year}. then uncomfortable silence, a handshake, a well wishing, and move on.

One thing I've noticed though is that old friends are usually situational, we get somewhat embarrassed by letting that friendship pass so easily, but it happens.

Thrash said...

I can see that. I've got clients who are ex-military who will use it as a topic of conversation with other veterans.