Thursday, December 09, 2010

And The Rich Get Richer...

So, the Red Sox signed Carl Crawford to a seven year, uber-million dollar deal. That is after getting Adrian Gonzalez from the Padres in a trade. The Yankees are expected to counter with a seven year deal for Cliff Lee, which is ludicrous to me but whatever.

So there you have the current state of baseball. The teams with the most money reload year after year while the smaller market teams scrounge for the leftovers. Having the highest payroll doesn't always assure you a championship, but it sure as hell doesn't hurt.

I can't fault these guys for spending money if they have it. They could be a team like the Pirates, once with a proud and winning tradition, now reduced to rubble because ownership won't spend money on their product. It has been reported that ownership pockets most, if not all, of the profit sharing revenue that they receive from the big boys instead of reinvesting it. Yet, they sit and complain about being broke and how the fans aren't showing up. Why show up to watch a team that will be drastically different by the time they get to the end of the season? That's the pattern of a lot of small market teams - bring a good player up through the system and as soon as they show some ability, trade them off for scrap. God forbid that they ask for a raise for good performance.

I love baseball. I'm not sure that a salary cap is the answer but something needs to be done to insure the health of the league.

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